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stilista designer Fabrizio Fava

FABRIZIO FAVA, born in 1967, is a designer in the fashion system, with specialization in construction of the Brand, the creation and management of the business image and of the product.

He carries out specialized activities of technical control of industrial quality with reference to international standards of the family ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 "Total Quality Management System".

He is approved as an expert by the Court of the Judiciary of Macerata (Italy) with special enrolment among the Technical Experts at N. 36 and the Technical Advisors of Judge at N. 59 and with equivalence to the Chamber of Commerce of Macerata (Italy) in the single register and roles of Experts in N. 513 categories and subcategories Textiles and Spinners, Clothing, Footwear, Leather, Accessories and Other Activities of Advertising Communication.


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