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It is the Expert who, practising a skill or a profession publicly, is competent to express a considered opinion in order to verify a fact, estimate a value or the extent of something.

Those listed in the Roll of the Chamber of Commerce are natural persons who in their course of study or professional activities have acquired a profound knowledge in one or more fields and are therefore able to provide expert opinions in committee. Those listed are involved in activities of a predominantly practical nature, not regulated by professional associations, colleges and registers, and therefore only have the function of providing public explanations, focused therefore on making known to the public the considered suitability to provide expert opinions in certain categories of commodities.

Every Chamber of Commerce in the province keeps the Roll of Experts based on typical regulations approved with the Interministerial Decree. Royal Decree 20.9.1934, n. 2011 - D.Lgs. Luogotenenziale 21.9.1944, n. 315 - D.M. 29.12.1979 - D.M. 29.7.1980 - D.M. 14.2.2005.
Categories and sub-categories including functions, merchandise and manufactured goods are distinguished in the Roll with regard to the individual economic activities of production and of services that are carried out in the province, identified by the Board of the Chamber. A request for inclusion on the Roll can not be for more than three categories which must, however, be similar to each other, while there are no limitations on the number of sub-categories.

Inclusion on the Roll is approved by the Chamber of Commerce after a proposal of the Provincial Commission, to which is entrusted the task of evaluating whether the required qualifications exist and the suitability to practise the profession of Expert in the categories and sub-categories requested. In the case of the Commission considering, in its final judgment, that the titles and documents produced are insufficient to prove such suitability, it has the power to subject the candidate to an interview at which experts on the subject participate.

Every registered member of the Roll of Experts kept by the Chamber of Commerce of the province is dependent on the possession of personal, moral and professional requirements:

  • to be at least 21 years of age;

  • to have fulfilled his scholastic obligations following the relevant field of study;

  • to be resident in the province in which he wishes to apply for inclusion on the roll;

  • to be a citizen of Italy or of one of the member states of the European Community or else to be a foreigner resident in the province in which he intends to make application and in possession of the required residence permit;

  • to enjoy civil rights;

  • not to have been declared bankrupt;

  • not to have been convicted of crimes against the public administration, the administration of justice, law and order, the public faith, the public economy, industry, commerce, or else of intentional homicide, theft, robbery, extortion, fraud, embezzlement, receiving stolen goods or for any other crime of negligence for which the law makes provision for a sentence of imprisonment of a minimum of two years and a maximum of five years, unless he has undergone rehabilitation;

  • to have already provided expert opinions, or formulated opinions in the scope of the category of commodities of interest;

  • to be in possession of qualifications of study of a technical-professional nature specific to the category of commodities for which application is made, or to have attended professional courses;

  • to have obtained special recognition in the relevant field of activity (eg: certificates of patents, testimonials or qualifications of merit);

  • to be registered on relevant Rolls of a technical-operations nature;

  • to have edited or published articles or texts of a technical nature on topics inherent to the category of commodities for which application is made;

  • to have presented at conferences or conventions reports or accounts on topics inherent to the category of commodities for which application is made.