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Schema di presentazione del book di progetto.
Ogni nostro lavoro di progettazione del prodotto viene presentato in modo chiaro e distinguibile per identificazione brand, tema di tendenza, materiali, disegno tecnico e rappresentazione di abbinamento con le relative varianti colore.

Moodboard Card

The Moodboard card is the design briefing of the planned content of the technical book. The brand image, the theme of the product, the shape of the line, the intended target, the materials gathered and the basic colours are outlined in a single portrait, accompanied by a documented description.

Pattern Card

In the Pattern card the materials to be used in the design are set out. Each card is identified by a serial and article number, composition, price, height and weight of the product, provider, cleaning code, notes and colour variations of the product.

Layout Card

The Layout card is at the centre of the design process. In various perspectives it represents the technical design coordinated with particulars and details, sizes, materials and colours used with reference to the pattern cards and the options of modification.

Outfit Card

The Outfit card is the anticipation of the projected result in its entirety. The combination of products is represented by a design picture in which the line variations, the styles and the colour combinations are represented.